Leon And Ada

After we see where it brings them. Ada deeply cares for leon but she doesnt love him.

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Leon on the other hand seems to love her and follow her around like a.

Leon and ada. Ada could be powerless at one point in one of the games and Leon has to save her and maybe theyll embrace for another kiss who knows. Leon and Ada レオンとエイダ Reon to Eida is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6. Leon and Claire dont ever get together.

Edited by Darnell Putman 0 Staurophobia. Leon and Ada encounter a reporter name Ben. In this story-type video I using my own footage from resident evil games that I recorded using my gaming setup I reconstructed the full story of Ada.

With security on full alert no one is sure of her intentions. Using the mod adacarla and replacing Helena with Carla through model swap trainer Played in professional difficulty. They dont even interact that much after RE2 which is a little disappointing.

Enters Resident Evil 2 Leon and Ada meet for the first time. Resident Evil 6 When Leon hears of Adas death from Chris he begins to contemplate the concept of fate. She doesnt love anybody.

Finally revealing herself to him she was met with hostile questions over her ties to Wesker which she could not answer. Alone in his hotel room Leon will soon discover in intimate detail exactly what it is the international spy has come here looking for. Leon Kennedy is on a trip to Paris with Vice President Benford when word reaches them that Ada Wong has been spotted in the City of Lights.

All cutscenes from Resident Evil. Leon and Ada are an unofficial couple Leon is to be blunt head over heels for her and in recent instalments 6 and now the re2make Ada. Heading into a nearby castle owned by the Salazar family in pursuit of Sera Wong ran into Kennedy once more.

Aeon AdaxLeon Edition RexiDoodle 18 15 On a mission Leon and Ada Re 4 RaidenWGT 43 3 Reverse kiss Taitiii 37 18 Aeon Edit MissAdaWong 25 8. Leon kennedy ada wong aeon resident evil damnation leon x ada kiss they smooch knife arms plaga leon infected leon how and why is this the first fic Leon gets a kiss in. The Darkside Chronicles HD without logossubswatermarks.

Maybe its a defense mechanism. Ada says shes in search for her boyfriend John so she says and of course Leon is trying to get the hell out of the city. The two of them decide to work together.

Oh yeah aromantic lmao boy about to lose that gun does anyone remember when i used to post normal art on this blog lmao RE crack hours. Leon x Ada Christmas with Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy SilverSerpentA1 10 0 New year chimes Taitiii 27 9 AEON zero-16 4 0 Youre so small RexiDoodle 37 12 Stay at home RexiDoodle 57 15 Understand my ship. As with all files in the game the bottom part of this file can only be read on RENET.

Ada and Leon encounter each other again. Includes interstitial segments000 Encounter107 Devil200 The.

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